You might be thinking of simply changing the look of your bathroom, kitchen or living room, or you might be wanting to make some necessary improvements before putting your house on the market, either way we hope the ideas below will be of some help to you.
Insulation is always a good idea which will save you money on heating in the winter and your home will have the added benefit of being cooler in the summer months as well. Get the attic and roof insulated first of all and then check for gaps around your doors.
When purchasing a home, look for dry rot and chipped paint that has been coated over.You could hire an inspector to look for problems and defects.They will look for serious problems like roof damage and although  paying for a professional inspector will be quite expensive it could save you money by avoiding costly mistakes.

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A good way to save a little money and keep your TV area tidy is to buy a dresser instead of a TV stand, it will look nice and it will have plenty of drawers to keep magazines and remote controls in as well. Remember that its always a good strategy to give the contractor incremental payments as they as they progress through the job. Never pay for work that you are not satisfied with and withold the final payment until you are totally satisfied with the job.

If you have a railing, gazebo, wooden deck, or some other kind of outdoor wooden structure, sealing it with wood finish can be a good weekend project. It will seal the wood from the elements and increase the life span of the structure. The finished product will last much longer than the time it took to accomplish.
Treat your wall to a dolly which is a special bolt and anchor that makes fitting pictures so much easier when attaching them to hollow walls.

Wallpapering the walls will always make them look better but before rushing out to buy new wallpaper check what kind of walls you have underneath... You will tend to find your walls will be either plastered or dry wall, you can often tell by the feel as a plastered wall will be cooler and smoother to the touch plus somewhat harder than dry wall (which will sound hollow when tapped).
Before you start painting a wall, you have to prepare the surface with decorator's soap and water which will not only clean the surface and remove any loose material, the paint will cling far better to the surface too.

Installing motion detecting sensors is a great security upgrade and it will have the dual effect of making your home less susceptible to burglars and lowering your insurance at the same time. Installing new lighting fixtures is a great investment. Look for ways you can brighten up a room with better lighting. . Nobody likes to cook in a dingy dark walled kitchen and bright walls in the bathroom always look appealing.

For this reason, be certain that the project you settle on is one that will benefit your entire family for a good, long while. By using these carefully selected home-improvement tips, your home improvement project should go ahead smoothly.