Maintaining Your Rental Properties

Property maintenance when you are renting property out to tenants is a key aspect to running your business smoothly. Your tenants should feel comfortable and secure in their rented homes and feel that they are getting good value for the money they are paying you. It is after all, your responsibility as their landlord to provide this at all times. This will ensure that you receive the highest achievable rental return on your investment, keeping the properties well maintained will protect their long term value also. You will find that your tenants will treat the property much better if they are adequately maintained and they will respect you more for it.


Leaking Pipe

You need to ensure that all the heating and plumbing systems are all kept in a safe working condition as well as electrical wiring and roof repairs. The properties have to be kept to the sort of standard you would expect to keep your own home, any less would be potentially more costly for you in the long run. You need to keep the properties in a good decorative state ideally using plain and neutral colourings of a light shade like white or magnolia, (always a favorite) for rented properties.  All repairs and maintenance should be attended to promptly and without delay as these things always get worse over time, like a leaky pipe can be simple and inexpensive to fix but potentially disastrously expensive if ignored, perhaps causing serious damage to the floorboards, walls etc.


If you are letting the property as a furnished one then always make sure that they are of good quality and hard wearing, not flimsy, cheap and easily broken. Keep the furnishing to a bare minimum but keep up a good standard, never furnish with trashy or worn out items as it gives a bad impression to tenants and viewers.


Always ensure that houses and apartments are thoroughly cleaned and all appliances checked for safety and serviceability when a tenant has left, don't leave anything to chance. Remove any personal items and nicknacks the old tenants may have left behind, check all the cupboards and clear them out if necessary and clean them before arranging viewings from prospective new tenants. Include a section in the tenancy agreement that the tenant is responsible for keeping the property clean and especially leaving it clean when the tenancy ends and stipulate that they will be charged for the cost of cleaning and rubbish removal if they fail to do this.


If the property has a garden at the front or the rear then you need to make sure that lawns are cut, trees and hedges kept in a safe and aesthetically pleasing state, that there is no rubbish or building materials or debris left out and that the areas are safe for reasonable use for the tenants. You need to make sure that the waste bins and or recycling containers are kept in a good state of repair and replace them when necessary, insuring there is never any food materials left out that could attract vermin such as rats. On the subject of rats and mice it is also you r responsibility to attend to an infestation immediately and if your own use of poison or traps is not immediately successful them the appropriate services of an environmental disposal agency must be arranged promptly before the problem gets out of hand.