Masonry and Stone Restoration

Masonry and Stone Restoration

Stone restoration is the art of returning stone surfaces to high-quality condition. Stone is highly durable, but is still subject to being worn down over time. Stone building materials degrade frequently due to things like environmental pollution and erosion, water and dampness, and microbial organisms. Not only does stone’s strength deteriorate, but cracks, scratches and dirt accumulation also lessen its aesthetic quality. Restoration involves replenishing the structural and visual heath of stone by various means, ultimately either repairing or replacing the stone in question.

When evaluating the level of restoration needed, professional masons will start by surveying the health of the stone in order to identify things such as the type of stone, the surface condition and the structural arrangement of the building. Cleaning of the stone is often carried out, as dirt and other deposits build up on the surface of the stone. This is most often done by either mechanical or chemical techniques and takes into account the type of dirt and the type of stone. Mechanical abrasion techniques, such as diamond grinding, as well as polishing techniques, are used to improve the finish of the stone’s surface to meet the client’s requirements.

Besides working on the surface of stones, masons also seek to repair damage when conducting stone restoration. Damaged areas that cannot be repaired are identified, removed and then replaced. Some damaged stone parts may not need removing, and these parts can be repaired. Various mortars and cement and lime based substances are used to repair the joints and pointing of bricks and stonework.

Stone is a material that requires extensive experience and knowledge to work effectively with, and its restoration requires the use of many tools and substances. As such, proper stone restoration must be carried out by professional stone restoration company.

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